Students for Global Health Event

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Students for Global Health – University of Southampton Team

Interview time!

Meet the President: Israa Fawaz

Why is Global Health important?

  • It is important to focus on immediate issues in healthcare; both locally and globally
  • Everyone has responsibility on a global level, to improve circumstances as we continue to advance faster than ever
  • Things we take for granted are not the case is many parts of the world
  • Factors we cannot change should not affect healthcare; background and¬†ethnicity should not affect how long people live

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Chemist turned Medic?

Have you thought about returning to university after graduating?

Whether it’s for medicine, law, engineering or wherever your interests may lie, this one’s for anyone finding it difficult to take the leap, especially for females looking to get a second degree/post graduate qualifications.



National Science Museum – Journeys Through Medicine: Henry Wellcome’s Legacy


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Graduate of Chemistry: Oncology Drug Development


So I guess I’ll start off with my own update, having disappeared for a while!

After finally being offered a training contract to practice as a patent attorney, I decided to pass the offer to work in oncology. I found that I am better placed in the forefront of scientific research after spending time with various patent attorneys in blue chip firms to pharmaceutical companies. It’s not a decision I made overnight and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do so without a clear plan and experience to back it up.

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Phase II

Once a week, this page will feature graduates and current students sharing their view on education and career aspirations so you can follow a personal approach to what some of us are doing.

Who will this include?

Chemists, Lawyers, Medics to Architects and more!