Patient X Files

Please welcome Patient X!

A site dedicated to celebrate innovation in medical technology where all posts are organised in body systems so they are easy to find. No more looking through multiple journals to find the article you’ve read and lost.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 16.17.15.pngWe are happy to announce that this is a place for all healthcare professionals and technology enthusiasts to browse and learn about the epitome of MedTech.

Simple illustrations welcome the reader to an inviting atmosphere before viewing the more intricate images of equipment. Adding hand drawn images reconnects us to the users of upcoming technology; the patient, the human.


Since my last project on this blog – Graduate of X, I realised how much I enjoyed getting everyone together to share their story and it inspired me.

As you’ve seen along the way, I have a thing for innovation and really enjoy staying up to date with new technology. This is something I have been looking to expand in order to create a space for others with a story.

The problem: this blog is too personal for a large scale project which would limit and confuse the audience.

Solution: Patient X 


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