Elective Aid 2018- Bangladesh

This summer I will be spending my first summer as a medical student, helping set up free healthcare camps in Bangladesh and we need you to help us reach our donation target of £2, 000!


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 17.24.11

We are two sisters travelling to Sylhet, Bangladesh this summer with a group of medical students to provide healthcare to those most in need as part of Selfless Elective Aid 2018.

Although we have never had the opportunity to visit the rural landscapes of Sylhet before, many will know we are bangladeshi ourselves and would love to take this opportunity to give back to our people.

Selfless is a charity which has been visiting Bangladesh since 2009, helping over 10, 000 people access basic healthcare needs. Working with local doctors, we will collaborate to treat locals and keep building better foundations for the locals to build upon at their own accord.

Any donation would mean the world so we can reach the target for this experience of a lifetime! 100% of the donations go towards the project as we will be funding flights and accommodation ourselves.

Thank you for all your kind support, we will be keeping you updated with live footage along the way so you can see how your donations are making a real difference. For now, you are welcome to check out https://www.selfless.org.uk for further information.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 17.31.18

Image – Bangladeshi flag: red disc placed off centre to appear centred when flying to represent the sun and sacrifice the people made for independence. The green body depicts the greenery and youthfulness.


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