Chemist turned Medic?

Have you thought about returning to university after graduating?

Whether it’s for medicine, law, engineering or wherever your interests may lie, this one’s for anyone finding it difficult to take the leap, especially for females looking to get a second degree/post graduate qualifications.



National Science Museum – Journeys Through Medicine: Henry Wellcome’s Legacy


Ever since graduating, I knew I wanted to return to education but I chose to explore the working environment in scientific research to gage an idea for the rest of my career before making the ultimate commitment. At first, I was sure patent law was “the” route – to forever be around genius scientists and protect their intellectual rights. However, I slowly learned that I was becoming more and more detached from the real world by delving deeper into chemistry, although patent law is great to keep moving round with new cases.

Don’t get me wrong! I still love chemistry and hope to incorporate it into my medical career.

Working in research with clinical teams gave me the chance to be around a variety of professionals where I really enjoyed the practical aspects of a doctor’s role. In order to clarify my decision, attending a variety of clinical placements, the choice seemed to fit like a glove; for the most part so far.

Then came the reality of lengthy medical school followed by further specialty training and learning for life. Many have voiced the difficulties of the profession, it definitely is not for the faint hearted, a true passion must underly the decision to ensure it is right for you. However, there will always be a downside to everything, as long as the essence underpins your priorities you should be able to determine if you would do what it takes!

After almost a year, juggling the pros and cons, I took the plunge. Medicine keeps the door open for research whilst giving the opportunity to also be patient faced. I still have a long time to go and my views will change and adapt to my experiences for sure, so be prepared to see where this journey leads….






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