As an ageing population, with an average life expectancy between 86 and 89 years¹, more of the elderly generations decided to vote leave…


Chart: showing increase in life expectancy from 1982-2014.

Regardless of how much money is injected into the NHS, did the implications of research not reach the public? Despite our geographical size, the UK are amongst the top in research across the globe. The UK ranks 2nd place with 125 Nobel Prize awarded over the last 104 years in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Medicine and Peace. At such a small geographical scale on the map, this shows how significant our research is and how much this affects our development for future innovations.

Want state of the art technology, treatment, living conditions? All of this comes at a huge cost of time, energy and funding in the £bn’s. The UK heavily depends on EU Research and Deveopment funding from which we receive 25% of our public funding. Last year, this figure was £967m.²

Please note: We only contributed 1.63% of our GDP but received the second biggest fund after Germany who pays over 75% more of their GDP.


Many research projects are suffering as their funds are revoked. For example, Neurosurgeon, Dr Anita M. Sharma explains over intense twitter debates @imanitasharma.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 22.53.07

This funding cannot be matched by UK funding alone, especially as we see our GDP falling which will take a plan and time to revive. Even then, this will still be an issue as there are many other sectors who need to be taken into account when calculating budgets for the UK.


In order to move forward with research, not only do we require a monetary injection, let’s not forget the vital intellectual injection which drives these projects. We need to be collaborating with the rest of the world for effective and reliable results which can be reproduced to prove any progress.

BREXIT amplifies the UK’s regressive mindset as we severe our relationship with the 27 countries in the EU, in an era where so many have fought and died to promote the clear advantages of an open mindset.

With no leader and no exit plan, 51.9% of our nation have failed to see the bigger picture for both short term and long term implications of this referendum.



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