Let’s debate!

“Technology is the science of arranging life so that one need not experience it.”The comment suggests that science can explain life and use technology as a tool to put it in order.

On one hand, the comment insinuates the adversity of life requiring the need of a different power to assist us – technology. By doing so, we recruit a system where “one need not experience” life, portraying a sense of ease as though a weight is lifted off one’s shoulders. However, one may argue that it is us humans who have been developing this very technology now advancing exponentially faster with time. On these terms, this technology could be interpreted as a tool we use to assist us through life to execute better decisions as a result of learning from our mistakes and amending the ways in which they are dealt with.

Conversely, the statement could also suggest this as a more dehumanising tool, stripping the beauty of overcoming the struggles of life. The consequences of this could potentially stunt the growth of our race in the long run if this is the solution to making mistakes. From this point of view, it seems as if technology is superior to human nature, implying that we have created a tool now beyond our own control if it is able to remove the experience of life. Additionally, the use of the word ‘is’ in technology is the science,” portrays a definitive, confident statement further conveying the level of power it has on our lives. Here, the formal tone of the statement implies the underlying notion of humans losing control over our own creation. 

Overall, the reader is able to conclude how they perceive technology as a tool, or science as a manual of life, as we are given a choice as to whether we would like to experience the adventures of life. The option that we “need” not experience it can then be a mode of comfort to one as we have developed a system which essentially understands us but needs us to initiate the power shift to technology, leaving us on autopilot mode. Therefore, the comment allows one the authority to choose who or moreover ‘what’ sits in our virtual driving seat.




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