A whole six months since posting, I’ve found that procrastination levels have incessantly increased since working full time. With no deadlines or exams outside of work, it is proving difficult to motivate myself to voluntarily move any limbs once I’ve left the building.

Finding a way to not conform to this lifestyle required utilising free time to get out of the comfort zone. This could be visiting a gallery, learning new cultures or refreshing knowledge of history. For example, I visited the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery to various exhibitions at the Wellcome Collection; Medicine Now is one that is permanent for anyone visiting. Being in a new environment inspires me to take in new information and relate it to why I want to continue learning. Once out of education, information is no longer spoon fed to us, it becomes our own choice.

I also organised work experience in different clinical settings where meeting different people revives the energy needed to see the bigger picture. By forcing myself to keep busy, I feel that I am more likely to utilise my time more effectively. I should mention that even meeting friends is important to allow yourself to relax and by catching up with each other, we can motivate one other for future goals.

Books are another medium which has helped push me in the right direction. As a physical entity, it is something that can be held. Whereas online, the information I would read on one tab would lead me to search something else in another, where I was left with 52354 open tabs and put off of the whole session altogether.

Right now, I am in the process of revising biology, chemistry and physics from A Levels to undergraduate level in order to be comfortable with the content for returning to university. For some, a gap year shows you that working your way up and around fields is what you prefer. For others, you may find that to really incorporate scientific knowledge that interests you is what you want. In this case, I have found that the time out of education should never be a deterrent but a motivator as the experience helps you to make a more informed and genuine decision to commit to further education.


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