Jessica Alba’s Venture into the Chemical World

Hollywood stars make news for more mundane reasons, day by day. I feel that its glamour has highly influenced social media expectations and the content of blogs written by young adults who have the power to instil knowledge of better use to our descendants of the future.

Jessica Alba, has been an inspiration for young girls from the movies Honey to The Fantastic Four. But her move from movie star to entrepreneur is underrated. Her choice to be more ‘behind the scenes’ is admirable. By saving the money earned in stardom for future investments, Jessica Alba has created an empire.

The Honest Company was co-founded by Jessica Alba to fulfil the needs of her child as a new mother. There are easier money making opportunities available to those with grand savings but to have opted to directly find the solution to create a safer environment for children is ingenious. Her consumer goods company cost her three and a half years worth of research and refinement to build a suitable business plan. At first, many people said that the idea was too big to execute even with a $6 million initial input. Along with the reputation of a high flying actress, it was difficult to be taken seriously as a business woman.

Now the company is valued at $1 billion, only three years in. Watching her interview on Forbes, you can see that she is aware of harmful chemicals and the issue of the US only having had 11 banned in comparison to the EU banning over 1,000. The reality of the consequences have clearly hit home when the revenue has increased so substantially which is an achievement on its own.

Overall, I hope this goes to show the importance of understanding the impact chemicals can have on everyday life and the need to educate everyone to a certain degree. Chemistry should not be a subject studied only by the studious but aspects of it need to be more easily available to the general public. Even those of us who have read chemistry in depth are blind to its role in our life and that just goes to show how much of it is still obsolete outside of the classroom and laboratory.

In the future, I hope to see more companies emerging, such as Lush, with a transparent view into the products used in manufacture and more educational programmes and classes in schools to working environments encouraging more attention to payed when using intimate products.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 22.52.45

Image from The Honest Company website.


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