Five years ago, this was the first invention which introduced me to patents.

Whilst at the ‘Lab in a Cell’ event at Imperial College London, I met some chemical engineering students involved in a fashion show. I know, I thought the same thing! What possibly could chemical engineering have to do with the fashion industry?

Fabrican is a product which was being used to create flamboyant outfits, all from an aerosol. The product is a liquid formed of short fibres with a diluting agent. The formula can be adjusted for different purposes; fashion, medical, automotive.  The inventors are Dr. Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and  Prof. Paul Luckham, a chemical engineer. Not only have they reformed the fashion industry by vastly reducing the time taken to prepare a design, they are also evolving medical applications and improving hygeine standards through spray on bandages to hospital bed sheets and gloves. In terms of automotive applications, vehicle upholstery can be sprayed over to repair damages without paying a higher cost to replace the covering.  As we all know, oil spills have become a major concern in the environment. Fabrican can also form a barrier between oil and water to prevent spillages.

The Fabrican website has transformed over the years to reflect their expansion into the various industries. Overall, this is a product to really watch out for, with 2 patents from 2003 and 2007.


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