Here’s to New Beginnings

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 22.40.26

Candid shot from a lab disaster in final year!

The idea of this blog is one I have intended to execute for some time now. As a recent graduate of chemistry, I have found it difficult to find detailed profiles of people who have transitioned from university to a career path directly in science. In particular, I was looking for a more personal, more detailed route to career progression.

LinkedIn was the next best thing, where profiles include a career history where provided, leading me to specific organisations, instead of sifting through thousands of vacancies on recruitment sites. I then reached the search limit on LinkedIn and was left back at square one, which I had already exhausted.

In terms of education, although I am happy to enter further education, at this moment in time I am not quite sure exactly which part of science I want to be involved in.

Following this post, I will be updating the blog with a closer look at the research role, taking into consideration confidentiality issues. In the future, I hope to build a review of my career progression, with a personal touch, to create a platform for young people to encourage students that pursuing an intellectually stimulating career in science. 


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