Whether you are also a graduate of chemistry, or of a STEM subject, this site is designed to inspire you that science can be integrated in your career in, what seems as, unorthodox ways. This is not only the beginning of a career log, but a home for research on innovations of the future.

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Patient X Files

A site dedicated to celebrate innovation in medical technology where all posts are organised in body systems so they are easy to find. No more looking through multiple journals to find the article you’ve read and lost.

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Elective Aid 2018 – Bangladesh

This summer I will be spending my first summer as a medical student, helping set up free healthcare camps in Bangladesh and we need your help to reach our donation target of £2, 000!


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Chemist turned Medic?

Have you thought about returning to university after graduating?

Whether it’s for medicine, law, engineering or wherever your interests may lie, this one’s for anyone finding it difficult to take the leap, especially for females looking to get a second degree/post graduate qualifications.



Phase II 

New weekly updates on graduates in various fields giving you their insight so you can view a more personal insight to our careers.

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